The Traffic Engineering Division of the Public Works Department is responsible for the safe and efficient movement of traffic within City limits. Our goal is to optimize traffic flow on arterial streets, enhance the safety of neighborhood and school zones, and improve traffic management throughout the City. Some responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

 • Accident data collection and analysis
 • Traffic volume data collection
 • Establishment of Speed Zones
 • Investigating and responding to the need for street lights, pedestrian safety improvements, traffic calming and school safety improvements

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Open Construction Traffic Delays

Limonite Avenue

Limonite Avenue Widening Construction (between Etiwanda Avenue and Bain Street) will begin September 26, 2016 and will continue through June, 2017. During this time, residents may experience delays due to construction activities. It is recommended that Jurupa Road and Bellegrave Avenue be used as alternative routes during this time. Updates for major closures will be posted on the City's website and detours will be posted once the project begins. If you have any questions regarding the construction please contact Carlos Morales at (951) 332-6464 ext. 245.

For more information and updates on the Limonite Avenue Widening Project, please click here and visit the project-specific web page.

Van Buren Boulevard (Northbound)

UPDATED 2/15/2017

The number 2 lane on northbound Van Buren Boulevard was temporarily closed on February 10, 2017.  The area subject to lane reduction is between 56th Street and Jurupa Road.  The temporary closure will be in effect indefinitely while major repairs are performed.  These repairs are necessary as a result of the heavy storms in January 2017 that caused significant damage to the road foundation in this area.  The repairs will prevent potential roadway failure for the number 2 northbound lane.  Commuters are advised to take alternate routes in anticipation of traffic congestion due to the lane closure.  Drivers should use caution near the lane closure site.

Temporary Road Closures

Teporary Road Closures Due to Ongoing Rain Event Beginning Februay 17, 2017

The City has established a live news feed that will be periodically updated.  Click here to view the page.

53rd Street between Beach Street and Cedar Street

Temporary day-time closure on 53rd Street between Beach Street and Cedar Street.  Local and emergency traffic will have access during temporary closure.  Hours for temporary closure will be 7:00 AM to 4:30 PM on February 14-15, 2017.  Temporary closure is due to JCSD sewer repair work.

Briggs Street - Permanent Closure

Northbound Briggs Street (south of Mission Boulevard at Avalon Street) will be permanently closed on September 8, 2016.  Briggs Street currently dead-ends into the La Noria Market’s parking lot.   Eventually, a new cul-de-sac will be constructed at the northern terminus of Briggs Street.  Thru traffic will no longer be able to access Mission Boulevard by driving through the privately owned parking lot from Briggs Street to Avalon Street.

Galena Street at Jurupa Road

Galena Street at Jurupa Road will be temporarily closed beginning August 22, 2016.  Motorists should use Tyrolite Street as an alternate route.

Road Closures/Traffic Delays from Other Agencies

Please review the list below of other agencies that have posted road closures/traffic delay notices that may impact residents and visitors of Jurupa Valley.  Note: This is not a comprehensive list.

County of Riverside Transportation Department