Action Teams

Find out what each action team has been up to and join one, or more, of your preference!


Gardens & Markets: To have sufficient gardens and markets for easy healthier food access.


With the approval from the Rubidoux Community Resource Center and the L.R Library, a new Farmer's Market is to be established as well as a butterfly garden. The action team is working on finding donors and ideas on how to make the garden effective with ideal butterfly attraction plants. This will be an opportunity for children to learn more about what type of plants were used to create the garden and how they are maintained!

Heritage Park will be opening field trips for the public and providing community garden and nutrition classes, animals present for entertainment, and education on plants and a healthy eating lifestyle will be provided. Implementing creativity within the community parks will be done by writing healthy messages on the walls, playgrounds, etc., to emphasize the  importance of staying active and eating healthy!


New Farmer's Market was launched on September 18th, at 5473 Mission Blvd., and will be operating every Wednesday from 8am-1pm. Vendors from produce, to organic food products, fruits and vegetables, and popcorn attended as the idea was to have a different variety. In honor of Substance Abuse Prevention in the month of October, the action team's Farmers Markets will unite to the "Drug Free" pledge.

The timeline for the upcoming Butterfly Garden is now developed and members are working wisely to meet the deadlines.  In the meantime,  donations are being accepted: flowers, soils, rocks, and irrigation materials are need to begin the process of the garden creation. Other upcoming community gardens will be located at: Glen Avon Heritage Park, Jensen Alvarado Ranch, and Jurupa Mountain Discovery Center.

Get ready to paint rocks for our upcoming Community Health Fair; Gardens and Markets will have a rock painting table for all to join!

Safety & Readiness Action Team: To provide residents with guest speakers , bring awareness, and prepare JV residents when an emergency occurs.


The Safety & Readiness Action team is working on engaging schools and local businesses to participate in Red Ribbon week. Jurupa Valley believes in being a drug free community and would like to see schools and employers pledge on behalf of a drug free environment.. In regards to the Community Health Fair on October 14th, safety & readiness will be giving out safety kit baskets, as well as promoting the idea of parents having “the talk” with their children about drug prevention. The goal is to set a social media trend with the hashtag, #wetalked, to illustrate that parents are talking to their children.

In collaboration with the Farmer’s Market, employees from Riverside University Health Systems will be presenting visuals on how to operate a fire extinguishers as well as their knowledge on pedestrian safety, in honor of Walk to School Day being held on October 4th.

Community Prosperity: Strives to show a strong correlation between health and economic prosperity, thus the more economically stable a community is the healthier its residents will be


The team is currently seeking sponsorship from companies and partners to contribute to its upcoming event, Jurupa Valley Small Business Summit & Expo, being held on November 14, 2017 at the Country Village, 4pm-7:30pm.  This is a great opportunity to encourage Jurupa Valley residents to shop locally and be involved in the contribution that will benefit the community economically. The event will include a ceremony, followed with a mixer, with speakers whose fortes are advertisement, finance, social media, and marketing. All information given will be a great opportunity to learn about your business can expand and become more successful!


Planning for the Small Business Expo. has continued to take place, as there has been an establishment for guest speakers and confirmations from vendors located at "The Walk". The Work Force, Chamber of Commerce, and John. Chamber of Commerce employee, will speak on the topics of printed media, and the services offered by the Work Force as well as the Chamber of Commerce.  Discount cards consisting of 25 vendors, will be distributed at the event.

Arts & Recreation: Sending out healthy messages through creativity.


Jurupa Valley’s very first mural was recently flourished and finished by volunteers and action team members along the Mission and Rubidoux Blvd. area now known as, “ The Walk”. Reach Out’s NEOP team is also going to work on their very first mural which will be taking place at Agate Park on October 7th, 2017, 8am -2pm.  This is a great opportunity for children to come in unison and promote health through art work!

The "positive campaign", currently being developed, addresses “inspirational” quotes that will be placed on “The Walk” along the side walk in both Eng. /Spanish.  Quotes such as, “Walk the Extra Mile”, and “Smile, it’s Free” will be printed on Spanish design stickers to be placed on the sidewalk.  The action team is also working on implementing 17 “Little Free Libraries” throughout JV and is looking for volunteers to adopt one in order for residents to be able to take advantage of the “take a book, and return a book” purpose. The bigger picture is that residents will be sharing and presenting their favorite books within their community; Little Libraries have been called “mini-town squares.”


"Little free library” visuals and information on how to register for a little library, where they will be located, and how to get started on decorating will be provided at the Community Health Fair. Rock painting will also be taking place; you could decide which message will be printed on your freshly painted rock!

The NEOP team is inviting the community to come out and be part of their mural event, encouraging the younger population (8-12 years of age) to help paint this mural. Three walls will be painted with healthy messages: “Get active, drink water, live better"!

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