Residential Waste & Recycling Overview

Residential solid waste and recycling collection is administered by the City through a contractual agreement with Burrtec Waste and Waste Management.  Burrtec services a majority of the City, while Waste Management services a small area on the west side of the City.  To find out who your waste hauler is, click here and review the map which illustrates the service area for each hauler.

Household Hazardous Waste

The Riverside County Department of Waste Resources may also have information for residents seeking to dispose of certain kinds of hazardous or large waste objects.  Click here to visit the public page for the Riverside County Department of Waste Resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are residential solid waste and recycling collection rates set?

Rates are set by the contract (also known as a "franchise agreement") by and between the City and each of the two approved haulers.  Upon City incorporation, the City inherited the contract that existed by and between each hauler and the County of Riverside.  Since then, the City has administered the contracts as is and simply amends them to meet the changing needs of the City.

Why did my monthly bill increase?

Per the contract by and between the City and each hauler, a rate increase is usually awarded in May of each year.  The hauler is entitled to an inflationary increase that City Staff review for accuracy.  Once the review is complete, City Staff submit the rate increase to the City Council for consideration.  The haulers are contractually entitled to modest rate increases tied to an inflation formula.

Can I call a different hauler than the one assigned to my service area?

In almost all cases, no.  The City has a franchise agreement with each hauler which gives them exclusive rights to provide waste and recycling collection in your service area.  This enables the City to bargain as a large collection of customers, resulting in a competetive, market-based rate that applies evenly throughout the service area.

Can I haul my own waste and recycling materials by myself?

Yes.  A process for performing "self-haul" has been established by the City in conjuction with each hauler.  Residents interested in self-hauling must obtain a self-haul permit and provide records which demonstrate their compliance with the self-haul process.  Residents are encouraged to contact the City at (951) 332-6464 to obtain more information about the self-haul process before applying for the self-haul permit.