In the summer of 2019, motorists and pedestrians on Limonite Avenue and Marlatt Street will be the first in the City to see the new pedestrian hybrid beacon, known as a High-intensity Activated crossWalK (HAWK).

The project, funded by the City's Development Impact Fees (DIF), will provide residents a safer way to cross Limonite Avenue. This new pedestrian hybrid beacon is a traffic control device that helps pedestrians, bicyclists and equestrians cross high traffic roadways at a dedicated crosswalk. The new crosswalk signal is designed to increase visibility and improve safety. This location on Limonite Avenue was chosen due to the central location between two signalized intersections at Etiwanda Avenue and Bain Street. Also, RTA will be able to begin using their bus stop on the south side of Limonite Avenue and Marlatt Street.

How Does a HAWK Work?

The graphic provided below (click to enlarge) provides an accurate description of how a HAWK functions.  For a video demonstration of how a HAWK works, click here.