The City of Jurupa Valley solicits proposals, bids, and other formal documents for a variety of project opportunities.  Typically, public opportunities are published on the Planet Bids system.  By using the Planet Bids system, the City promotes an organized forum of communication with contractors and any firm interested in particular project.  If you're interested in pursuing public opportunities with the City of Jurupa Valley, it is strongly encouraged that your register with Planet Bids.  Doing so will allow you to receive live updates, public notices, addendum, project Q & A summaries, and other important information about an opportunity.  A majority of the public opportunities are posted exclusively on Planet Bids.

Additionally, Contractors are encouraged to register with the City of Jurupa Valley and become part of the "Informal Bidders List."  Although typically used for small-scale public project opportunities, registration on the Informal Bidders List can be a beneficial way for contractors to receive information about a variety of public opportunities in the City.  Contractors are notified of public opportunities based on the category of work that they perform.  The category of work performed by a contractor is usually established by the licenses that a contractor retains.

Under the guidelines of the California Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act defined in Public Contract Code Section 22000 et seq., the City seeks trade professionals and contractors to register with the City for work in the following areas:

  • Class A - General Engineering Contractors

  • Class B - General Building Contractors

  • Class C - Specialty Contractors, including, but not limited to:

Insulation and Acoustical; Boiler and Hot-water Heating; Framing and Rough Carpentry: Cabinet, Millwork and Finish Carpentry; Low Voltage Systems; Concrete; Electrical; Elevator; Earthwork and Paving; Fencing; Flooring; Fire Protection;Glazing; HVAC; Building Moving/Demolition; Ornamental Metal; Landscaping, Lock and Security Equipment, Painting, Plumbing, Refrigeration, Roofing, Signs; etc.

  • Class C- Limited Specialty Classifications, including, but not limited to:

Elevated Floors; Synthetic Products; Hardware, Locks and Safes; Machinery and Pumps; Doors, Gates, and Activating Devices; Paperhanging; Pole Installation and Maintenance; Prefabricated Equipment; Pool and Spa Maintenance; Tree Service; Window Coverings; Hydro-seed Spraying; Construction Cleanup; etc.

Vehicle Maintenance and Repair

Communication Systems, including Telephone and Data

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