Commissions and Committees

To help carry out important City programs and policies, the City Council appoints City advisory bodies and works with community service districts.

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is composed of five citizens, appointed by the City Council, who help plan for the City’s growth, economic vitality and environmental quality. See below for a list of commission members and e-mails.  The Commission reviews and makes final decisions on many types of planning applications, such as land use permits, subdivisions and environmental review. The Commission also makes recommendations to the City Council on planning applications that require Council approval. In addition, the Commission advises the Council on long-range planning matters, such as zoning and the General Plan. To see maps such as the General Plan and Zoning, click here.

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Robert Zavala Chair Bio
Mathew R. Burris Chair Pre Tem Bio
George Ruiz Commissioner Bio
Rachel Lopez Commissioner Bio
William Hofferber Commissioner  Bio


General Plan Advisory Committee

What's happening?

The City has created a General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC) to assist with the creation of the Interim General Plan.  GPAC has met a total of five times since the ad hoc committee was appointed by the City Council in late 2014. GPAC recently took a major step by endorsing a Draft Community Values Statement which describes fundamental goals and desires of Jurupa Valley residents.  To see the Draft Values Statement, click here.  The draft will now go to the Planning Commission and City Council for further review and possible adoption. These fundamental values will help guide the preparation of the Interim General Plan and describe what is most important to the Community.  At its monthly meetings, GPAC members are reviewing General Plan topics, including Land Use, Open Space and Conservation, Circulation, Safety, Noise, Air Quality, Healthy Communities, Economic Development and Housing. Except for May, GPAC meets on the fourth Monday of every month at City Hall, starting at 6:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers. All of the meetings are public and anyone may comment on agenda items being considered.  For more information on GPAC, contact Mary Wright, General Plan Program Manager, at 949.489.1442, or by email at

What is a GPAC?

The General plan Advisory Committee (“GPAC”) is a 32-member committee established by the City of Jurupa Valley for purposes of preparing a new Interim General plan. GPAC will serve as one of the primary channels for the community to make recommendations to the City Council on the new General plan. GPAC will also provide recommendations to the Planning Commission and City Council regarding general plan principles, community needs, issues and goals, and help define a vision for future of this young City. What do Jurupa Vallley citizens, business and property owners say they want in their City? How can this be translated into a set of compatible, consistent, long and short-range City goals? Through its recommendations, GPAC can help make these goals a part of the decision-making process, recognizing that the determination of what items are included in the General plan ultimately rests with the Planning Commission and the City Council.

Participation by members appointed to GPAC is part of the initial planning phase of the general plan process. The GPAC is a temporary, ad hoc City committee; it is anticipated that the Committee will complete its work in about one year, meeting monthly from December 2014 through January 2016. The entire general plan process is anticipated to take 18 to 24 months. Committee members are volunteers and serve at the pleasure of the City Council. Specifically, GPAC members will assist the City by:

  1. Providing input to the Planning Commission, City Council and the general plan consultant team on community needs, issues, problems and opportunities for improvement.
  2. Contributing knowledge on important community concerns such as land use, transportation, safety, economic health, public services, parks, open space and trails, and housing.
  3. Reviewing and discussing items proposed by City staff or the general plan consultant team.
  4. Serving as ambassadors by promoting awareness of, and participation in, the community-wide general plan process.
  5. Seeking and considering the input of the entire community in its deliberations and recommendations

For more information about the GPAC or how to get involved in the general plan process, contact Mary Wright, Program Planner, at