Mobile Vendor Permit

On November 19, 2017, the City of Jurupa Valley Mobile Vending Ordinance (2017-68) becomes effective.  This ordinance requires that a Vending Permit be issued for all vendors who sell food, food products, ice cream, goods or merchandise from motor vehicles or push carts on public and private property.  The purpose of this ordinance is to protect the health and safety of people in the City of Jurupa Valley. 

In order to obtain a Vending Permit in the City of Jurupa Valley, Vendors must submit a completed Application for a Vending Permit and pay the $180.00 fee.  In order to obtain approval for the Vending Permit, Vendors shall provide the following information at the time of the submittal of the application:

1.    Name of business owner, address and phone number

2.    Billing address of business owner.

3.    If employed by another to vend, the name and address of the employer who is conducting the commercial business. 

4.    Copy of the Vendor’s California Driver’s license or California ID if using a push cart.

5.    Copy of Vendor’s California Driver’s license if using a motor vehicle. 

6.    A photograph of the motor vehicle or push cart.

7.    Copy of the Vendor’s automobile liability insurance with minimum combined single limits coverage of one million dollars in a form approved by the City.

8.    Copy of the Vendor’s general Liability insurance with minimum combined single limits coverage of one million dollars naming the City as and “Additional Insured” in a form approved by the City. 

9.    A description of the type of food or product to be sold.

10.    A description of the streets the applicant intends to use.

For more detailed information regarding Vending Permits and associated regulations, please review the following documents:

Mobile Vendor Permit Application Form

Mobile Vendor Route Sheet

Ordinance No. 2017-02 (Adding Chapter 6.20 Mobile Vending Facilities)

Mobile Vending Ordinance FAQ